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At Guide Academy, we cultivate a community of lifelong learners, where curiosity is celebrated, and challenges are embraced as opportunities for growth, grounded in universal values.

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Why Guide Academy

A creative student is writing in the Montessori class

At Guide Academy, we offer:

  • An inclusive program for children from all ethnicities and backgrounds.
  • Montessori Program (3-6) & (6-12) years.
  • International Baccalaureate Program.
  • A Powerful Curriculum.
  • Personal Development for all students.

Our Values


The foundation of Guide Academy is based on Ethics and Morals in students from an early age.



We believe that Knowledge & Education is the true power and Guide Academy is raising the future leaders of various fields.

Personal Development

Each and every child has a unique talent and it requires practical steps and implementations for those talents to thrive.

Montessori Program

Guide Academy uses the Montessori educational system based on IAPM/AMS Montessori method for pre-school to 6th grade. This method:

  • Focuses on personal development rather than exams.
  • Uses a variety of physical objects that are organized to stimulate their natural instincts and interests.
  • Produces more mature, creative, and socially adept children.
  • Displays a greater sense of “Justice and Fairness“, and is less likely to engage in “Rough Play” during break times.

IB Program

We currently have our IB Authorization for MYP program. Our program:

  • Addresses students’ intellectual, social, emotional, and physical well-being holistically.
  • Provides students with opportunities to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need in order to manage complexity, and take responsible action for the future.
  • Empowers students to participate in service with the community.
  • Helps to prepare students for further education, the workplace, and a lifetime of learning.


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