How to Develop Your Child’s Love of Reading

Reading is undoubtedly a crucial yet beneficial skill for a child to have. When reading is a part of the family tradition, it becomes instilled in their behavior, and they take it with them into adulthood. The degree to which reading can expand your child’s vocabulary, logical thinking skills, and creativity is invaluable.

Here are some tips to help develop your child’s love for reading.

Nighttime reading

Spending quality time reading with your child will help develop a routine. Reading aloud can bring the story to life, enhancing your child’s creativity. Asking questions such as “what do you think about this character?” or “what do you think will happen next?” will encourage your child to think about the story.


If you want your child to read, they’ll need books! What place better than a library to get access to hundreds of books? Libraries can also hold events such as reading sessions or competitions that will encourage your child to read further and keep busy whilst school is out.


A reading group between your child and his friends will give your child the opportunity to share and learn about different views. A reading group can encourage commitment to reading and discussions about favorite characters, storylines, and how they think the book should have ended.

The gift of reading

Friends and family can give books as a gift. Inscribing a personal message on the inside cover of the book can make your child cherish that book, giving them a reason to go back to it.

It is important to maintain reading with your child even after they learn to read on their own. Continuing a tradition of reading can help develop lasting connections and habits throughout their childhoods.


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