IB Coordinator/Design Teacher

Mina Hosseini

IB Coordinator/Design Teacher

Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering from UNSW

Has been a Science and Mathematics teacher and trained in numerous IB Professional Development Events across the globe

IB coordinator leading IB Programs for seven years

Workshop Leader for the IBEN (International Baccalaureate Educator Network)

Enjoys painting, writing, and playing with children

Martha Shepard: Lower Elementary and Kindergarten Teacher

Martha Shepard

Lower Elementary and Kindergarten

Bachelor’s Degree with a double major in Elementary Education and Sociology

 Montessori Primary Training Diploma and AMI Montessori Training Diploma

 Worked at 7 Montessori Schools as a Primary and Elementary teacher

 Member of Toastmasters, likes to make jewelry and enjoys attending concerts, plays, and parties


Christine Komaki

Elementary English Teacher

Graduate of the University of Michigan

ICS College Diploma in Pre-school Administration

Extensive directorial experience in various academic settings, including private sector, primary, secondary, preschool, and adult online education

Director of Operations and Finances for an online university, including admissions, operations, and finance

Public speaking, counseling, administrative, and teaching skills

Enjoys art, traveling, and playing Mahjong with friends, and family

Hassan Kasfy

High School Math Teacher

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from UCLA

Master of Science in Applied Mathematics from Cal Poly Pomona

Been teaching at Cal Poly Pomona since 2001, City of Knowledge since 2003, and Pasadena City College since 2005

Sara Vaseghitabrizi: Experienced Teacher in Early Education and Child Development

Sara Vaseghitabrizi

Kindergarten Teacher

Bachelors in Clinical Psychology

 Early education certificate

Kindergarten and Preschool teacher

Maryam Fateminia

Kindergarten/Pre-School Teacher

Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Law from University of Tehran, Iran

Montessori License from IAPM

Has been an art teacher for 5 years and Montessori teacher for 4 years

Loves teaching and enjoys being a teacher at Guide Academy

Miss Mona Shahrestani

Elementary, Middle school, and High School Science Teacher

Bachelor’s of Science in Biological Anthropology from the University of California Riverside

IAPM certified

Montessori administrator

Over 10 years of teaching experience in Elementary to High School

Qualified IB English Teacher with 5+ Years of Teaching Experience

Zehraa Cheaib

IB English Teacher

Pharmacy graduate (MPharm) from the University of Manchester, UK

Bachelor of Science (Honours Life Sciences) from McMaster University, Canada

Over 5 years of teaching and tutoring experience from kindergarten to university students

Utilized qualitative and quantitative research skills towards curriculum planning and delivery using virtual and on-site tools, analyzing student progress and staff development, etc.

• Publication on ‘Iman & Ihsan, Application Training & the Therapeutic Relationship’ (Medicine & Law Journal)


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