The Importance of Art During Childhood

Indulging in art can provide children with a much-needed opportunity to express their ideas and emotions. Your child is also able to boost their confidence, explore their creativity and imagination, and pass time all through forms of art.

Here are some art activities your child can do.

Shadow Tracing

Simple but effective – this activity only needs paper, paint, and sun for the shadow! Instruct your child to trace the shadows over their paper, then color it in.

Pointillism Art

Introducing a variation to traditional watercolor painting, this activity includes painting using cotton buds. Children should paint plenty of dots, then connect them with color.


Molding play-dough

This activity is easy to both setup and clean. The possibilities are endless, making molding play-dough the ideal activity to train your child’s creativity.


This fun activity involves children cutting and sticking shapes from paper onto a card. This activity encourages creative thinking within your child!

Hole Art

This activity has an open-minded prompt. Instruct your child to cut holes out from a piece of card. They can then decorate around the holes as they wish! This activity has the added bonus of being quiet.

You should encourage your children to take on art activities and allow them to express their creative thinking as they wish.


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