Quran Meaning & Tafseer Competition

Quran Meaning & Tafseer Competition

Quran meanings & Tafseer Competition Winners

Quran Meanings and Tafseer Competition Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Quran Meanings and Tafseer competition that Guide Academy and SMC partnered on. This was a difficult competition, but alhamdulillah many participated and the winners are:


Surat Al-Fil 1st place winner: Maryam Thompson

Surat Al-Fil  2nd place winner: Jawad Fakhreddine

Surat Al-Fil  3rd place winner: Reyhane Masnadi

Surat Al-Fil  Honorary participant: Hussein Osseily


Surat Al-Aadiyat 1st place winner: Fatima Thompson

Surat At-Tariq 1st place winner: Jaafar Fakhreddine

Surat Al-Balad 1st place winner: Hasnain Farishta