Curious Child: What Makes Them Question So Much?

Sometimes, parents may find themselves answering even more questions than yesterday or the day before yesterday and wondering: Why does my kid question so much?! However, studies demonstrate that the more questions children ask, the more they learn. According to Harvard-based child psychologist Paul Harris, between the ages of two and five, a child asks roughly 40,000 questions. Read this article to understand why your child asks so many questions.

1. Children Sometimes Become Attention Seekers

A child may repeatedly ask lots of questions, either because we may not understand their questions or because we are not paying close attention to them. It is often beneficial for your child’s health and your mind to take some time away from everything you are busy with and talk to them in these situations. After you have given them your full attention, you can tell them you have to get back to work.


2. Children Have a Need to Know

As your child grows older, they will notice that there are many amazing things around them, and these questions will serve as a method for them to learn more about the world in which they live. Everything is simply overwhelming to a small kid who is still learning how to deal with the world. It may be tough to answer all of the questions, and some are pretty challenging, but remember that you are assisting your child’s growth and brain development by answering all of their questions.

3. Children Sometimes Want to Act in Defiance of Their Parents

When your children ask questions like: “Why should I brush my teeth?” it is often a defiant response to what you tell them to do! This can be bothersome, especially when it occurs at the end of a long and exhausting day. Getting angry, on the other hand, will only make things worse. Instead of saying, “Because I said so,” describe what would happen if they do not brush their teeth. Most of the time, tolerance and endurance are helpful in these situations. So, to make any progress with your child, you need to be patient.


Final Words

To sum up, your children may ask you many questions because they are curious, they become attention-seekers, or maybe they want to disobey you! As mentioned earlier, the more questions children ask, the more they learn. Because as they grow and develop, they often cannot simply figure stuff out by copying what they have seen adults do. That’s when they come to us. They ask a specific question to get the information they need. If they do not, then they will bombard you with more questions until they solve the problem in their head. So, try to stay patient when answering their 100th question of the day!

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